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My Home GP’s Mobile App Has Arrived

Exciting news, My Home GP’s new mobile app has arrived. The app is super easy to use, all you need to do is download from your app store. The locations are:

Android Playstore:

Apple iTunes store:

You might not need My Home GP all the time, but for those moments when you need urgent but non threatening medical attention, you can request a booking from our friendly and professional triage team.

Once you have downloaded the app, set up your login and profile which can include setting up your family also – meaning you can request a booking for both you and your family from the app on your phone!

After setting up your profile, please update your security settings which will include the choice between either a 4 digit pin code or a thumbprint scan which will allow you to go straight into your app if and when you need us at My Home GP.

Our triage staff will then assess and appropriately book in a doctor visitation which time you will be notified via the app. Once the Doctor is on his way you will be able to track the doctor via the app until he or she arrives.

Even if you book over the phone you can set up your profile and track your Doctor via the app in this way, all you need to do is use the same mobile number in your app profile as what you used to request your booking over the phone with our triage staff.

Feedback is really important to us, so please ensure you direct any constructive feedback and ideas via email at

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My Home GP’s Mobile App Has Arrived

Requesting a booking has just been made a whole lot easier at My Home GP with the launch of our new mobile app! Compatible on both Android and Apple phones, the app can be downloaded at the following locations:

Android Playstore:

Apple iTunes store:

Download today!


MyhomeGP is Currently Recruiting Doctors in Melbourne, Sydney & Adelaide

My Home GP is a Government Accredited provider of after-hours home visiting doctor services and is currently expanding in Sydney & Adelaide. We are passionate about ensuring people receive the highest quality healthcare during times when options are often limited and are proud of the important role we play in supporting the healthcare system and reducing the stress on our Hospital Emergency Departments. We are seeking caring and professional Doctors who are interested in joining our fast growing organisation across both Sydney & Adelaide

Recruiting Call Centre Staff in Melbourne

Help Wanted! My Home GP is a fast growing organisation in the Home Health Care space, we are looking for candidates who have excellent interpersonal and communication skills, and want to join us and be a part of the journey of bringing quality healthcare into people’s homes. If you think you have have what it takes, please click through and apply now, we would love to talk to you!

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